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Is this buffet amazing or what?!?

I may have stalked her on big pickup item (can you stalk a buffet?).  It was sitting curbside, gleaming at me and I knew I needed it.  Only problem?  There was a guy standing next to it taking other items from the curb.  Not being sure whether he had dibs on the buffet or not, I drove around the block.  I may have driven around the block and passed it so many times, within a 5 minute period, that the poor guy thought I was stalking him, until finally he drove off (maybe I scared him??).  He obviously did not see the beauty in this amazing buffet though cause when I pulled back around she was still sitting there, my lucky day!!  I pulled over, backed my already overloaded Highlander up and loaded her in.

Okay, obviously it needed some TLC, but I was ready for the job.  The laminate overlay was missing and peeling in many areas so I had no choice, but to take it off.  Have you ever taken off laminate overlay?  It’s a pain to remove, there is a trick though!


TRICK:  take a damp towel and lay it on only the laminate areas you are wanting to remove then place a hot iron over the damp towel and let it sit, the longer it sits the easier the laminate will pull off.  This does make your iron gross though so be sure to use an old one.  I grabbed one at Goodwill one day just to use for this purpose.  Continue re-wetting the towel every time you move to another area and repeating the process, slowly, but surely it will come off.  This is a time consuming process, but worth it in the end.

After all the laminate has been removed, sand your piece down and fill any areas that may need it with wood filler.  At this point, I continue on with any additional repairs that are needed.  I had to repair the drawers that were falling apart and replace the hinges on them.

My vision for this piece was more on the girly side, bright pink or purple with a large floral design.  I made a run to Hobby Lobby to see what paper choices they had to use to decoupage.  Amazingly I found the perfect floral paper!

Isn’t it gorgeous?? You know after seeing it you want to run out and grab some for yourself!  Now that I had found the perfect floral paper to decoupage I needed the perfect paint color.  I chose to blend a custom color from several General Finishes milk paint colors that I had on hand (my favorite go to paint).  If you have never used General Finishes milk paint you are missing out.  It has amazing durability and goes on velvety smooth regardless of whether you use a brush or sprayer for application.  I chose to brush it on because it was way too humid to be outside painting.


Sorry, not the best lighting for pictures since I was painting in my kitchen.  It looks like two completely different colors even, but that’s because the first picture is almost dry and the second is right after brushing it on.  Don’t you just love the color though?

Now, onto the fun part!  Decoupaging!!  Have you ever decoupaged?  You can change the look of so many things by decoupaging onto them, the possibilities are endless!  It can be a tad intimidating the very first time, so I would suggest trialing it on a separate piece of wood before doing it on your final piece.  Basically, all you are doing when you decoupage is gluing a paper to the surface of your piece.  There are multiple ways you can achieve this, my choice is using Mod Podge.  I apply my Mod Podge to the surface (after I’m sure the paint is completely dry) of the piece that I’m putting the paper onto and then carefully place the paper onto the wet Mod Podge working from one end to the other, smoothing it out as I go.  I chose to add the paper to both doors and 2 of the 3 drawers.

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures as I was decoupaging, but here’s what it looked like after applying it and trimming the edges.  I just used a sanding block to go around the edges and pull off the excess paper.  At this point, I decided it was too clean and crisp looking too so I decided to sand lightly over all of it and rough up the edges.  I sanded more along the outer border of the drawers so that it would remove some of the paper and look uneven.

Once I was happy with the overall look, I sanded her down, wiped her free from dust and dirt and applied General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze all over, blending some areas more than others.  This was going to give my piece a more finished look.  Once this was finished I applied my favorite topcoat, General Finishes High Performance Topcoat.  If you haven’t already noticed, General Finishes is my favorite go to (Check out the link below on how to order some for your project!).

She was adorned with a couple of old metal knobs, that I had leftover from another piece, so I cleaned them up and applied rub’n buff in antique gold to give them a fresh, new look.

Well, are you ready for it?  She turned out amazing!! I have the perfect spot for her too, right in our bedroom.  She’s going to be perfect for storing craft supplies.


Isn’t she gorgeous??  I’m absolutely in love!  Are you ready to decoupage now?  Would love to see a picture of your decoupaged piece!

My favorite products used for this project:

Mod Podge (Click on the picture for purchasing info):

 General Finishes Glaze (Click on the picture for purchasing info):


General Finishes High Performance Top Coat (Click on the picture for purchasing info) :

Rub’n Buff Antique Gold (Click on the picture for purchasing info) :

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