DIY window seat

DIY Window Seat

My cousin just moved into a house and while I was there painting I mentioned how she had the perfect little nook for a window seat in her living room.  She loved the sound of it and that’s how it all started (kind of stuck my foot in my mouth by suggesting it).  I had never built one before, but I have built benches so how hard could it be?!?

Here’s the little nook in her living room that is the perfect spot!  What do you think?

I’m picturing a window seat (with storage inside of it) and shelves going up the wall on each side.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Well, I pretty much committed myself at that moment.  I measured the area and sketched my ideas out.  She pretty much gave me full range on this new project to do what I thought would look best.

After measuring and figuring up supplies needed, I made a run to Home Depot to price everything out and get the go ahead from the boss.  The area where the window seat was going measured approximately 9′ wide by 2.5′ deep.  I was using 2×4’s to construct a box for the base and then plywood for the front and top.  I also decided to box in the front areas with 1×4’s to give them more of a decorative look.  From my measurements I figured how much lumber I would need along with hinges for the top to open (remember I wanted storage areas inside the seat) and wood screws and purchased everything for just under $100.

I made my measurements again (remember, measure twice, cut once) and cut my lumber for the base.  The base consisted of two rectangles made from 2×4’s, two 2×4’s cut to entire length of nook (9′ for mine) and eight 2×4’s cut to the height you choose (17″ was the height for mine).  Sorry, I was so excited to get to work and forgot to take pictures.  I placed one rectangle on each end of the nook, placed the 17″ 2×4’s standing upright in each corner of the rectangles and screwed them in.  I then screwed the 9′ long 2×4’s length wise on top of the 2×4’s.  This made my base for the window seat.  The plywood would be cut to fit onto the front, sides and the top of the rectangles.  Here’s what it looked like at this point:

Next, I would make the top and frame in the front areas with 1×4’s.  For the top area I chose to cut three separate pieces of plywood.  I wanted each end to open up for storage and the center area would be stationary.  I divided the lenght (9′) by three to get my measurement for the lengths.  This gave me three pieces that were 3′ wide.  For the depth, be sure to add enough extra so that you have a lip to be able to lift the top sections up by.  After cutting these three pieces, I then cut the depth down by 2″ (do not get rid of these pieces, they will be used to attach hinges for the tops).  I was continually lying my pieces out on unfinished seat to be sure they fit and envision what I needed to do next.  I am a very visual person and figure out how to do something by looking at it and playing with it.


As you can see, I ended up putting a 1×4 along the top of the window seat on the back wall.  I thought it gave it a more finished look.  It was coming together perfectly!  The tops were attached with the hinges and everything worked.  Next, I just needed to caulk all of the seams.  Once it was caulked, I primed it with Zinsser primer and painted it a bright white in satin finish to match the trim.


Notice the corner shelves on each side?  They tie it all together perfectly! Now, to just add some cushions, pillows and decor on the shelves.  What would you use this little nook for?


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