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DIY Succulent Magnets

Magnets are almost an essential in my home.  They’re used to hold my son’s artwork, reminders, shopping list and whatever else that may need to be center stage on the fridge.  With that said, they are also one of the biggest eye sores.  I hate the mismatched magnets that cling to our fridge, they do not match my kitchen decor and they aren’t that great to look at.  This needed to change!

Solution to this you ask?  Succulents, wine corks and mason jar lids!


This was the perfect solution to my ugly magnets!  You can purchase artificial succulents from most of your local craft stores or order them on Amazon in bulk (what I did).  Wine corks can be purchased the same way, or just save them from your own bottles (perfect excuse to have another bottle of wine) and mason jar lids can be purchased or you can always save the lids off empty jars.  The only other item you need is magnets, strong magnets!

These are so easy to make!  Just poke the stem of the succulent into the wine cork, glue the magnet to the back of the cork and BOOM it’s done!  The jar lid magnets were just as easy.  Hot glue the succulents and some moss to the jar lids and place your magnet on the back of the lid.


What an easy project to make with gorgeous results!  They are perfect gifts to make for someone or to keep!

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