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Baseball Wall

So, a couple years back we decided to update my son’s room.  He wanted a more “grown up” room where he could show off his sports memorabilia.  I ended up painting it a basic greige color and then began the hunt for furniture.  I was looking for older pieces that could be redone so we searched thrift stores and auctions.  We found an old full size headboard and foot-board at one of the local weekly auctions, a cabinet and an old school desk with chair at the thrift store.  They were all in need of some love, but would definitely be perfect for what I had planned.


Garry was not very excited about any of the pieces, he was not seeing what I was envisioning, but I knew he’d love them in the end.

In addition to these pieces, we already had a small armoire that matched the style and would be perfect in there.  Once all of the pieces were refinished and everything was moved in his room, he decided he wanted me to paint a big baseball on once of his walls.  Well, this past week I was finally able to complete this job (only a few years late)!  I was a bit nervous for this new endeavor… I mean, I can paint furniture and solid colored walls, but a big baseball?  I just kept telling my self that if all else fails, paint over it!


(And yes, he was ecstatic with how the ugly, white cabinet turned out!)


Well,  you’ve seen the furniture… ready for the baseball wall???

After a few times of painting over it, it turned out even more amazing than I imagined!  He is in love with it!!  Now, just need to finish putting things together in there and we will show a big reveal soon (hopefully it won’t take me another two years)!

What do you think?

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