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Baseball Wall

So, a couple years back we decided to update my son's room.  He wanted a more "grown up" room where he could show off his sports memorabilia.  I ended up painting it a basic greige color and then began the hunt for furniture.  I was looking for older pieces that could be redone so we
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Whitewash Fireplace Tutorial

My client was moving into a home with a brick fireplace that she hated!  She didn't like the color of the brick, the mantle or the brass on the front, it was just too dark and blah for her liking.   If you are in the same boat as her, then just keep reading for directions
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Mermaid Decoupaged Desk

I found this gorgeous desk sitting alongside the curb during big pick up item and could not pass it up!  I've been looking for a desk to decoupage on and this one was perfect! Hobby Lobby had this gorgeous mermaid paper in blues and golds that I could not live without and figured it was

DIY Succulent Magnets

Magnets are almost an essential in my home.  They're used to hold my son's artwork, reminders, shopping list and whatever else that may need to be center stage on the fridge.  With that said, they are also one of the biggest eye sores.  I hate the mismatched magnets that cling to our fridge, they do
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Is this buffet amazing or what?!?

I may have stalked her on big pickup item (can you stalk a buffet?).  It was sitting curbside, gleaming at me and I knew I needed it.  Only problem?  There was a guy standing next to it taking other items from the curb.  Not being sure whether he had dibs on the buffet or not,

DIY Window Seat

My cousin just moved into a house and while I was there painting I mentioned how she had the perfect little nook for a window seat in her living room.  She loved the sound of it and that's how it all started (kind of stuck my foot in my mouth by suggesting it).  I had
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Who likes big pick up item day?

  First of all, if you do not know what big pick up item day is, well (besides the fact that I'm not sure we can be friends any longer), you are missing out!  It is one of my favorite days of the year.  What other day can you drive around neighborhoods and load your car